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It's an alcohol free saturday y'all! Yes, i am sober, that's why i have this blog entry for you. I mean, not really, i also blog even when intoxicated, heh! I didn't go out, just stayed home and watched "the wolf of wall street". Leo was amazing, i can definitely say he might get an oscar, it's about time. And martin scorsese, as usual, is just brilliant. It wasn't an action film but i can't take ma eyes off ma laptop screen, am always on the edge of ma seat. Remember the fuckin trailer? It did not disappoint! But then again, who am i to tell, am just a drunkard who failed to get his fix.

So with all the partying, the exotic cars, yacht, wayfarers, and of course, "it's a fucking chanel" line, here goes another entry for ma series called "if i had a sugar mommy". Same drill, nice stuff, expensive, and yes, things that i can't really afford and i don't need. Unless you have a sugar mommy, you're jordan belfort, before prison, just rich or you have plastics with huge debts.

Yeah, coz we're shallow like that! I mean, yeah!

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