mofo's #manbun

Mofo's back! Excuse my absence and laziness, not that it matters but am pretending. My shift starts at 8pm and i usually leave the office around 6am. It's still dark so it's kinda hard to take a decent photo.

Anyways, was invited to attend amber's 1st bday yesterday which means a reason for another session of cam whoring. I asked wesley to be my photographer and he happily obliged. We've been best buds for the longest time so he knows the shits am into, he's just supportive, and add the fact that his girlfriend, mish, is the reigning cam whore numero uno, haha! 

Wesley's wafuness must be overflowing and contagious, i looked wafu in photos too. Yeah, am hallucinating, blame the meds i downed because of fuckin flu.

I'll be posting photos of amber's bday perhaps tomorrow once am done editing them, plus ootd of the running sweethearts for their supporters, thy're sikat like that. Mish called it their prenup pics, hehehe! 

About the hair, hmmm all i can say is that i wanted to cut it but i found a way to give it another try. I know y'all are aware that this do is kinda hot right now but it's hard to style. When the top grows longer and heavy, it's hard to keep it in place. My hair looks immaculate when i leave the house but after 30 minutes it'd look like i just came out of a wind tunnel. It's irritating that you have to constantly reshape it all the time. The solution, ponytail aka #manbun or #mun. 

I look angas/bad ass right? If you don't agree, you're ugly! And oh, fuck you!

shirt - marks & spencer, linen pants - h&m, shoes - jack purcell
photos - wesley wafu orana
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