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After more than a year of absence on my daily wear, my tattered jeans are finally back. Been wanting to resurrect them for the longest time however, since i started glorifying the word tapered, straight cut became a no no.

Thanks to our nearby tailoring shop, I don’t get weird or uneasy anymore wearing them. Crazy but that’s what I always feel wearing anything loose or baggy. You might disagree with me and say looser fit will give me extra pounds but I know better, unless you’ll weigh me, perhaps. I didn’t go bananas with the tapering thing though, just took few inches off. I don’t want to look like a toothpick you know, not that I don’t but it’s like stating the obvious, over and over. It’s kinda redundant.

I own this pair for more than 7 years now. I think the tear, the creases, the fades, the holes made it more special. Am not sure if the denim is raw, although it felt like it when I first got them, but it was softer, lighter, and the color was deep indigo. Since am lazy, I usually wash all my denim after every 3 months or so. I think it helped a lot with the ageing process. Just don’t ask me how they smell, hahaha!

Anyways, I hope my APC jeans would accumulate the same character and achieve the look and feel eventually, sans the decrepit behind, my skinny bum is literally saying hi all the time. Will follow the “no machine wash” policy next time to avoid that dilemma.

Anyways, am back on the day shift, that explains why I looked so white in the photos. Instant gluta effect, heh!

That’s enough non-sense for today. Thanks again y’all for droppin by! Mofo loves you!

cardigan – muji, shirt – topman, jeans – buffalo, wingtips – officine creative
photos – mikey      
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