hot & cold

As promised, again am just assuming y'all eager to see this post, here's some of our photos last weekend.

We only intended to go to the beach but decided to do a side trip before headin back to manila. T'was a fun-packed weekend, i got drunk, yes, and puked, yes, heh!

Just hated it though when we're in tagaytay, coz it was just friggin cold. I was wearin tshirt and shorts so obviously it felt like am inside a freezer, with an industrial fan set to max in front of me. I was fuckin shakin all the time. Bought a black vneck knit shirt in one of the souvenir shops there but it didn't help. After the giant tsubibo ride, i asked them to go back to the car coz i cldn't stand the cold and end up smokin inside kev's car.

T'was a crazy idea goin to the beach where it's hot and sunny then goin to the cold highlands after wearin tiny clothes. Anyways, i had fun. Next trip with the gang is almost set, and i can't wait to surf the waves of la union.

Shout out to the love birds, kev and prima, announcin it here, officially, though both of you ddn't confirm yet, but am asshole like that and this is ma blog, so deal with it, haha! And to vince, i hereby dub thee, our drama queen! :p

Thanks again guys! Mofo bless you! Ciao bahaw!  

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