why not?

Good day y’all! How are you guys? Hope y’all had a wonderful vday last friday. As for me, I just stayed home coz I was sick, which I think is better since I don’t have a date anyway.

I however committed to kev of goin out of town on saturday so I told him I might not join them. The fucker was however so persistent, I wasn’t answering his viber calls and messages, he went straight to our house the next morning instead. So fuck it, why not? I don’t want to waste my weekend anyway doing nothing.

Though sick, that won’t keep me from having an ootd shoot. Am serious with this blogging shit you know, nah, am just a cam whore, heh! Pictures above were all taken using my new iphone 5s coz I forgot to bring my camera. Am kinda pleased with result actually, wasn’t that bad.

Talk about bad, bad ass that is, how'd you like ma cut-out shorts? They came from cotton-on and currently ma favorite. Don't be surprised to see it again and again here especially that summer's just around the corner.  

Ok, that’s all for now. I’ll post the rest of the photos I took, with the gang, during our trip perhaps tomorrow or on wednesday.

Thanks y’all! Bless Bless!

sunnies – ray ban, shirt – f&h, shorts – cotton on, kicks – nb 360
photos – vince & mims
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