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Am supposed to start this post with the line “When is enough, enough?” and name this post “Looking down and away.”.  It just happened that my poses in the pictures above are either looking down or away, and I have this shit that I can’t seem to get rid of. No, am not talkin bout my pimple marks, heh! I, however, feel so fuckin lazy and ma pea size brain is not functioning, so never mind.   

Pictures above were taken in tagaytay. Went there last weekend with my folks and friends for a quick tour. Nothin really exciting happened, didn’t do anything, just the usual touristy stuff tourist do when visitin a new place. If it weren’t for my parents, we’d just probably have cofi, eat or get drunk.

Anyways, am wearin the same shorts again, with the same shirt, with the same sunnies, same watch, except for the shoes. And don’t forget, same skinny legs and ugly mug. Market market!

sunnies – rayban, shirt – topman, shorts – cotton on, shoes – agnes b
photos – aiza s
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