batangas port selfie

Here are the rest of the photos that we took while we’re in the island of Puerto Galera, Philippines. Like I mentioned on ma last post, I and kevin decided to celebrate our bdays again at the same time just like we did 3 years ago when we became friends, only this time earlier.

Due to conflict of schedules and what not, some people won’t be able to join us, so we opted to ditched La Iya, Batangas. Luckily, mark and ron agreed to join us, and the rest they say is history. What else you need to do when on vacation but to get wasted, mend the hangover the next morning and drink again.

Of course my cam-whoring continued, especially that ron brought his camera. I just didn’t demand too much from him, I don’t want him to think that we just invited him because of his camera skills, which is kinda one of the reasons we became friends. We’ll y’all know that ron is my unofficial blog photographer but aside from that he’s a nice guy as well, which is kevin’s reason for inviting him. Kevin is trying to have a non-bs vacation so he doesn’t want people full of drama and shits to go with us, I mean we’re already drama and shit ourselves.

Anyways, I didn’t call this entry f4 because we looked like the guys in the Taiwanese teledrama Meteor Garden and there’s also four of us. Our f4 doesn’t really stands for ‘flower 4’ but ‘fucktard 4’. As crazy as he is, there was this instance that mark belted out meteor garden’s song qing fei de. It was very funny coz mark doesn’t speak Taiwanese but he sang it anyway, with conviction. And that didn’t stop until we reached manila, we're actually all singin inside kev's car. Am just glad he didn’t do it while we’re out drinkin.

 About what I wore on this entry, as much as I would love to look like am one of those people chillin by the beach of, let’s say Ibiza or any beach in the Mediterranean, it’s still more fun just wearin a tank top and flip flops. Don’t get me wrong, I love ma look on the last post but ma outfits here are much more fun, except the one where am wearin a striped shirt. The green and the gray shirts btw, those shirts are the results of finding a pair of scissors and having a crazy idea. The light brown nubuck leather shoes I am wearin on the 2nd and 3rd photos came from tretorn as well.

Ok, enough talking. I would just like to thank all of ma friends and of course you ma dear readers, for your support, for patronizing ma shits, I hope you won’t tire of lookin at ma ugly mug and reading ma lengthy, error-free posts, heh!

And to kevin, ma brother form another mother, or father, I wish you all the best. Don’t worry about a lot of things too much, and about girls, you’ll meet the one soon, just wait. Happy birthday again bruh!

u want to look flawless? use vsco filters, heh!

crazy mark

emo kevin

meet mr pornographer, i mean mr photographer, ron

mark showing us what pose to do

mark asking me to do the same

ok, let's stop this bullshit

real life monkey d luffy

ma bony back and ma supposed tattoo, they're just henna, i'll get a real one 2 or 3 weeks from now, wish me luck 
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