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Hey y’all! The skinny, whiny, mofo is back! I know y’all missed ma ugly mug but fret not, I’ve lots of photos to share. Photos that ron d great took while we’re in the island of puerto galera. It’s kinda my and kevin’s advance birthday celebration. We’ll you know kevin, ma other guy bestfriend, his bday is on the 14th and mine, well, happy bday to me!

It’s already summer here y’all, I mean not that it’s not always sunny and hot here in the philippines but I know you get ma drift. Summer equals skin! Don’t fret just yet though, I am glad to announce that you won’t see ma naked upper body on this post, nope, I kinda restrained ma self from whorin ma abs. And seriously, I don’t have a beach body like those of models from century tuna superbods contest. Although there’s a connection, coz what’s inside every century tuna’s can is the fish meat, me basically, I am what’s left after they filleted the fish. Lol, bad joke! Sorry but am trying here. Enough of the lame joke. I’ll just give you some tips about lookin cool even though you’re in the beach or somewhere hot and sunny.

Am wearin a shirt from a local clothing brand here in my country called penshoppe. You already saw it on ma previous posts, coz am recycling y’all. It’s light and made of cotton so I ddnt really worry bout sweatin a lot. The denim shorts is from oxygen, another local clothin brand. It’s actually very old, I had it for like 10 years I guess but I don’t really wear ‘em anymore. It used to be a pair of jeans but I figured straight cuts are not ma thing anymore so I made a shorts out of them. Now instead of letting the threads dangle, I opted for the fold instead. You know nowadays, we fold everything, god forbid a time would come that we’ll also have to fold our underwear. Aside from the shorts, I also went scissor happy with ma 2 shirts that I don’t use anymore and made tank tops out of them, which worked for me well since I cldn’t find any tank top that fits me well anyway, plus I don’t wanna go near any wife beaters. To be honest, am kinda restrainin ma self from spendin too much on clothes, I got way too many already which doesn’t make sense anymore. I know, am blogging bout clothes and tryin to make you a shallow individual like me but people change you know. But then again, I just don’t have money, heh!

Let’s go back to the shorts. If you’re payin attention with the photos, coz that’s what you’re supposed to do and not just laugh, the length of the shorts is knee level. All of ma shorts are like that coz am skinny, and it’s very unsightly to show those dimples just above the knees. Short shorts, not for the waif ones, but if you got toned legs or slightly on the heavier side, they’re ok. But remember, there’s a reason why we have girls and guys shorts, you don’t want to end up lookin like miley cyrus. So don’t get way too excited foldin them, there are reasons why they’re called shorts, not underwear, unless you’re a girl.

Now, let’s talk about the shoes, yes my new pair of tretorn, suede smorgensson shoes. They’re nice right? Props to ayen for pimpin a pair for me. They’re really comfy and although I was out in the sun, ma feet ddn’t really sweat at all. So in case you wanted a pair that you can wear while on the beach, or just chillin somewhere, try these babies on. They looked good on me, it’ll sure look good on you as well.

 Anyways, I’ll post the rest of ma vacation photos soon. Bye for now guys! Wish mofo a happy bday! Love love!



shirt – penshoppe, denim shorts – oxygen, shoes - tretorn 
photos - ron d great torres
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  1. Pagawa nga nang calendar with the photos posted here. =)





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