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Going on a trip solo is kinda out of character for me, I am usually either with close friends or people I know. Although I always love to see a movie alone, have coffee, shop, stay all day in a bookstore, going somewhere far and remote is new to me.

Before my birthday last week, I was already contemplating of embarking on a trip alone but I just dunno where. I want to go somewhere quiet and peaceful, far, somewhere where I could commune with nature, contemplate and not get drunk, I know, but without having to spend too much at the same time.  The beach is an obvious choice but where? Thanks to the constant posts on my fb feeds, I decided to check Cagbalete island.

I found a resort there however I did not like the idea that their tent accommodation doesn’t include mattress, blanket and pillow. You might ask why am I expecting those things if I am just staying in a tent? Oh well, communing with nature bullshit aside, I still want to be comfortable, even on a budget. Luckily, this relatively new resort called Nilandingan Cove have those to offer.

The best way to know the good, the bad, and the ugly is to scour the internet. Kinda like we all do when we hate or like someone. Reviews are good, not paid of course, because they’ll tell you everything especially when they’re pissed, hell hath no fury like a traveler scorned. Pictures on the other hand are not very reliable, like those released by the management. Sometimes they looked pretty coz they just wanted you to see the good side. The beauty is in the angling, just take my photos as example, I am ridiculously fuckin good looking but in real life, it’s a different story. Sabi nga ng friend ko, “Sana naging picture ka na lang!”.

Luckily, I found my erstwhile trainee/officemate Arc’s blog post about Nilandingan. I messaged her in fb and she got nothing but praises for the place, the staff and the owner.

So off I went and boy Nilandingan Cove did not disappoint. My original 3 days/2 nights stay got extended, for free, yes, free, courtesy of the owner and host extraordinaire, the very kind, gracious  and lovely Tita Lyn. I’m beginning to think now that I am really lovable. And, really really good looking. Where ma haters at???

Delusions aside, the place and the people really exceeded my expectations. The staff are very attentive and courteous, the private cove is very picturesque which boasts an almost kilometer of fine, white sand, the area is clean, the tents are big, branded and new, glamping anyone? No wonder within just a year of operation, it already received an award.

They say home is where the heart is. And I think I just found my third home.

I’ll share more of my experience on my next entries, that and my cam-whoring of course. This is a style blog in case you forgot. That’s all for now. Bless! Bless!         

For reservations, you may call Isabel or send them a message via their FB page. For the private boats, you may contact Dick, Toto or Max.

Nilandingan Cove website –
Nilandingan Cove Fb page - 
Isabel – 0917 3900027
Dick – 09493485881 (big boat)

Toto/Max – 09087172962/09156320035 (small boat)

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