pity party

As much as I would like to avoid posting photos of ma skinny self, topless, I don’t really have a choice coz it’s summer y’all. It’s all about the sun, the sea, the sand and the tan lines and nekked bodies. I know y’all will forgive me for this coz it’d be much worse if am wearin a shirt and pants on the beach. I did it before believe me and it ain’t pretty, I looked retarded. Body types aside, we’re all better off wearin board shorts, swimsuits, speedos, if that’s your thing, than fully clothed while swimming.

The dream of havin an Abercrombie and Fitch model like body will never be a reality, so instead of waiting for it to happen, stall ma self, throw a pity party and not enjoy the beach, just leave your worries behind, fuck it and be an eyesore. Kidding!

Anyways, do watch out for my next posts. Aside from the fact that I am not nekked, the photos are great, says me. For now, look at my pictures and laugh. I know y’all will coz ure assholes.     

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